SHEA Life happens. If you fall off the horse, you get back on and start again.


Shea has been a competitor her entire life and sports have been a major pillar from youth to college to present; just ask her! But…she began her journey in group fitness six years ago, as an effort to overcome post-partum depression. The other formats kept her moving, but when she rode the bike, she quickly saw a bright light of hope and felt a desire to train for more. This fire turned into triathlon training but that wasn’t all. Indoor cycling inspired Shea to find her passion as an instructor. The power to motivate and help other riders overcome their fears and daily challenges through sweat and the music is why Shea is in it. She says we all go through something daily, big or small, that is tough and it will try to keep us from showing up. Show up anyways…just get here. Shea’s ride is pulse-pounding, soulful, fun and will leave you feeling accomplished and empowered!

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